Seducing is an ability that not every man dominates, is required of elements that cause they feel it insurance, confident and sensual. The man that seduces is special, strategic, he values each detail and he is skillful, he knows what has and as to remove him benefit. He takes care of his image because he knows that that is the starting point, is a natural-born leader, he dominates diverse themes and he is experienced, what does the successful.

Saimon Mens Underwear presents its line "SEDUCTOR", a token thought and designed for the night. It seeks to attract the consumer that an agitated social life lives, that takes care of its image and that knows that has to be prepared for any situation. The line "SEDUCTOR" is elaborate with fine materials that give to the token the comfort and perfect adjustment. Their modern design is inspired in the nightlife giving him the sound of adequate sensuality for the occasion.

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